Ways to say no to nude pic requests

If you send someone a naked pic, be aware that it probably won’t just be seen by the person you send it to. And saying no to sending one can be quite tricky, as people find it easier to ask online than they would face to face. Here are some ways to refuse that nude pic request:

“Nah, I’m too classy for that.”

Can you imagine Beyonce sending a naked pic to someone on WhatsApp/Snapchat? No, she’s too classy and sassy for that. Be like Beyonce.


“You do know that you can get charged with possessing indecent images of a child if you have naked pics of someone under 18?”

Yes, if you’re 16  you can legally have sex, but legally you can’t send or receive naked pics until you’re 18, or you could face charges with the police – this goes for lads and girls. If you’re found to be receiving or sending pictures of someone under 18, you could face criminal charges.


“Sending it, have you got it?”

This old chestnut is a good option if you’re biding your time or just want to have a laugh. Just send a pic of the loading image, wait and have a little smirk to yourself.



And of course, the simplest and most effective way to get the message across. Why not add some drama and send them a GIF with your no to give it a bit more character? If they ask why, don’t feel like you have to explain, because you don’t.


This amazing use of a very unsexy hat

This 16 year old’s amazing response to a shower pic request is pretty genius! The girl, named Reese, said “I knew this [hat] would come in handy one day”. Reese, we salute you! 


Image: Buzzfeed

“If you want to see me naked, you can see it in person.”

Obviously only say this one if you are happy for them to see you naked in real life, but don’t want to send them a pic. A good way to keep interest if you like the person, without sending a naked pic that he/she will have on their phone forever.


This very literal response 

…And this amazing response to a bra pic request (and take note, this could work with any kind of underwear!)


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